Friday, 24 June 2011

L.A. Noire-Nicholson Electroplating DLC Review

On the 21st June 2011, Rockstar released the latest DLC for their current crime best-seller, L.A. Noire. Nicholson Electroplating takes place in the Arson section of the game, and can be downloaded for 320 points on the Xbox Live Marketplace, or £3.19 on the Playstation network. Those who have downloaded the Rockstar Pass (which comes complete with the two pre-order cases, Nicholson Electroplating and the upcoming Reefer Madness, as well as badge collecting and suits) can download this straight away, as the charge has already been included in the pass price.
It’s 9.45 in the morning and a mushroom cloud has just exploded in Los Angeles. Six city blocks have crumbled, and nothing but rubble and bodies fill the devastated streets. Detective Phelps and his partner Biggs hastily rush towards the site of the explosion- the Nicholson Electroplating plant, which took the brunt of the blast. A lot of shady unanswered questions sit in the middle of the disaster, which the two Detectives have to unravel by scrabbling through the rubble for case-winning evidence. One thing they can be sure of though-once again, Los Angeles is host to another string of corruption.
The Nicholson Electroplating case allows Phelps to interrogate new suspects, find out key clues from witnesses, and explore new locations, such as the hanger holding Howard Hughes’ aeroplane, the Spruce Goose. This case also adds in the obligatory car chase, final shoot-out and phone-call making that is present in the rest of the game. Fans of the main game will by now be familiar with the way the game plays, and nothing has changed in the DLC in this respect. 
Achievement collectors should be quite satisfied with the achievements on offer for this DLC. Nicholson Electroplating only has 5 achievements to unlock, and they involve completing the case, finding and inspecting all or certain clues, and completing certain objectives which I will not reveal due to containing story spoilers. They are all rather easy to unlock.
Nicholson Electroplating is a welcome addition to L.A. Noire, which adds in new locations and achievements, as well as an intriguing and, quite literally, explosive case. Fans of the game should not be disappointed with what this DLC has to offer. The only downside is that it only takes about 35 to 40 minutes to complete, but there is always the option to replay it if you wish to get a better rating or unlock the achievements you may have missed. The next DLC and final in the Rockstar Pass, Reefer Madness, will be released on the 12th July 2011.

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