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YouTube Gaming Channels: Interviewing Tenatios

YouTube is used for a variety of different reasons-from personal video blogs, to fan made homages, but what 8-BIT Girl was most interested in was the amount of good video gaming YouTube channels there are on this hugely successful website.

One such channel has been created by Callum, who goes under the pseudonym of "Tenatios." One of Tenatios' biggest passions is for video gaming, which you can clearly see on his YouTube channel. The channel is largely home to recordings of his play-throughs of a variety of games, as well as hints and tips to achieve a multitude of tasks in the games he has currently completed.

Tenatios has kindly agreed to an interview for 8-BIT Girl to discuss his decision to create a video gaming YouTube channel, tips to new users, and much more.
What is it about gaming that appeals so much to you?

Oh my god there is so much about gaming that appeals to me, now i've been gaming since I was the wee age of 5 but the main thing I would have to say that has always brought me back is being able to play as all these different characters, one minute you can be a fat italian plumber saving a princess from a giant turtle and then the next you could be a super sexy spy girl on a top secret mission for the American government.

It's these experiences that I love about gaming, to be able to take up the persona of these characters and sort of take a break from your real life to do these extravagant things, this is why some games just don't appeal to me though, like football/sport games or fishing ones, I mean come on, you can do these things in real life and it'd probably be more fun to do so

Games in which you can create your own characters in though....Oh my gosh if a game has character creation it's pretty much just won me over straight away

Why did you decide to start sharing your video game experiences with YouTube watchers?

I started off a few years ago looking for guides to games I was having trouble with, it was at that time that I discovered Lets Plays, so after a year or two of watching them and becoming quite addicted, theres just something about watching someone play a video game while talking that is just really entertaining to watch, moreso if the person is actually interesting.

Through that time i've obviously seen my fair share of good and bad LPer's or Let's Players, and both sets have inspired me to make my own for different reasons, the bad ones I have seen have made me think to myself "I can do better than that while the really good people who I still watch to this day, just to name a couple, BikdipOnABus and 666TheHeartless666, have made me think "I want to be as good as them one day"
So I set out to prove I can be good, hopefully as good as those I idolise through playing games that I love.

Are there any moments in your YouTube channel that you are particularly proud of?

I am fond of all my videos, they are like my children who have been thrown out into the vast ocean known as YouTube and forced to fend for themselves against the masses of other children who have also been thrown into that ocean, the ones I'm most proud of though would have to be my Assassins Creed Brotherhood guides, they've all gotten great amounts of views and attention and pretty much no negative feedback on them, sticking with my analogy it’s like they've found the armbands needed to help survive in the water and are learning to breast stroke at a good rate.

On top of this, I would have to say the best moments on my channel have to be receiving comments and messages from people, there really are some great people out there in amongst the trolls and flamers and its always great to be able to reply to their comment.
What advice do you have for people thinking of (or are currently in the process of) starting a YouTube gaming blog?

Advice eh, well there’s a few good words of wisdom I shall tell thee: 
First of all watch people who are good, it doesn't matter what you intend to do gaming-wise or even with anything else really, watch people who do what you want to do well and learn from them, and write down a list of things they all have in common if it helps, these are the things you will have to embody to become successful.

Secondly, record well and EDIT, seriously invest in some good software to record whatever you're doing, capture cards or DVD recorders are a good way to capture gameplay, NEVER COMMIT THE CARDINAL SIN OF RECORDING IT WITH A DAMN VIDEO CAMERA. Once you have whatever you need recorded be sure to edit it, even if it’s just to cut out an annoying cough or the moment where your mum interrupted.
                                                                                                                                                           Thirdly be interesting and pick an interesting game to play, review or just have in the background, now it might sound obvious that you have to be interesting but so many people get it wrong, raging all the time or just not knowing what you're doing or talking about is a sure fire way to failure.

Lastly, be audible, I tend to mumble a lot in day to day life so for my recordings I speak louder and clearer so people know what I'm on about and as a result people have actually said I have a nice voice, I don't see it myself but what can you do eh.

What's next for Tenatios in relation to gaming?

Currently I am just about to finish my first ever Lets Play of Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts so after that is finished I shall be playing through the original Banjo Kazooie and after I finish playing through the darkness I shall be moving onto a blind play through of either Amnesia or Silent Hill Homecoming, in an attempt to potentially scare myself crapless to amuse my fans! Hopefully whatever I choose it won't bore me instead.

In addition to this I shall be starting to do game reviews/first impressions text based stuff for games on my new shiny blog, the first of which will be Banjo Threeie Chapters - Chapter 1, god I do a lot of BK stuff don't I, after that who knows what the future will hold.
Don't forget to check out Tenatios at the following places:
Gaming by Tenatios (YouTube channel) 

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