Monday, 18 July 2011

An Interview with Samantha Whitten (GaMERCaT)

Today's interview is with Samantha Whitten, creator of a cute comic called GaMERCaTSamantha also dabbles in art, a daily fantasy web-comic called Strays, and sells an adorable range of hand-made products on her website. All of this can be found here!

This interview is about her adorable creation, GaMERCaT.

Q. Where did the idea of GaMERCaT come from?

A: He was a pretty spontaneous creation, really. I wanted to do an image of a cute animal playing a video game and he was the first thing that came to mind, so I drew him. In a heartbeat he became an outlet for my gamer side.

Q. What games have inspired the creation of GaMERCaT in particular?

A: No particular games inspired GaMERCaT. He's fairly simple in design and likes all types of games, so he's very flexible.

Q. What is it about video games that appeals to you?

A: I think the idea of going on an adventure you couldn't otherwise. Books can take you lots of places, but video games makes you a part of that experience. It's wonderful.

Q. GaMERCaT is undeniably cute, but also very funny too! What's next?

A: Thank you! Well, the sky is the limit, but I look forward to doing some Zelda themed comics. Zelda is one of my favourite titles.

Q. Lastly, can you recommend a game for my readers to play?

A: That's a tough one! There are a lot of games I enjoy and would recommend, but a lot of them most people have already played or know about. How about ICO? I don't think enough people have tried that game. It's a great one!

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