Tuesday, 19 July 2011

L.A. Noire: Reefer Madness DLC Review

L.A. Noire has been available for almost three months now, and many players should of by this point completed the majority of what the game had to offer. Extra cases have been previously released, adding about 30 to 45 minutes extra game play on for those craving some more investigating, but once again, many fans have been left wishing for more.

Some film buffs may already know that Reefer Madness is the title of an 1936 film detailing the dangers of using marijuana. L.A. Noire pays some sort of  homage to this ridiculously over the top dramatisation by naming their latest case after the film.
Released in July 2011, Reefer Madness, the supposedly final piece of downloadable content for L.A. Noire. It adds a new case to the vice desk, and is free for those who purchased the Rockstar Pass. For those who haven't though, it can be downloaded for 320 Microsoft Points (Xbox 360), or £3.99 (Playstation 3). But is it worth parting cash with? Well, if you are content with the same game play of the pre-existing cases, then yes. Those already finding themselves somewhat bored with L.A. Noire now it has been completed may want to think again.

Fitting chronologically between The Black Caesar and The Set-Up in the vice desk, Reefer Madness sees Detective Cole Phelps and partner Roy Earle busting a ring of illegal immigrants who have been smuggling pot out via the soup factory they are employed in. 
Whilst Reefer Madness is not a bad case, it isn't as spectacular as I imagined it would be either. Seeing as this is the final DLC for L.A. Noire, I was expecting it to be a memorable, spectacular ending to what on the whole was an excellent game. However, Reefer Madness is a little disappointing in this respect. The previous DLC's brought us to some interesting previously unexplored locations, such as the hangar containing Spruce Goose in Nicholson Electroplating. Yes, the locations in Reefer Madness are new once again and are a delight to explore (attention to detail has always been one of the excellent aspects of this game), but unfortunately they did not stick in my mind too long after completing the case. 

However, it would be wrong to assume that the latest DLC is bad, because it really isn't. The investigating and interrogation aspects are present once again and are enjoyable to play through (if you liked this in the main game, that is). There is also a lengthy shoot out towards the end of the case which should satisfy those yearning for some more action. What made this a little disappointing was that after the murder-fuelled, explosive, and intriguing Nicholson Electroplating, this felt a little rushed, and bland. The game has been split into equal sections of shooting, chasing, interrogations and investigating which helps to keep things intriguing, but there was still the feeling of it being way too easy, and it felt like something was still missing after completing it. Reefer Madness does contain a set of rather easy achievements for all of those achievement hunters out there. 

So, should you download Reefer Madness? For hardcore fans of L.A. Noire looking for that final fix, then yes. Despite the slight disappointment of this not being as enjoyable as Nicholson Electroplating, it provides more of the same game play that many players have grown to love throughout the main storyline. The case may not be as intriguing as it should be, and it does not allow for a big finish, players should still find plenty here that should keep them preoccupied for about 45 minutes. For those already finding themselves bored with the L.A. Noire game play though, perhaps it is better to give this one a miss. 

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