Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Nintendo Video App Released Tomorrow

Nintendo have announced that their Nintendo Video App will be available from tomorrow on the 3DS eShop. Officially confirmed by Official Nintendo Magazine first, the app allows gamers to download video clips in 2D and 3D to store and watch on their 3DS handheld console. These video clips can range from cartoons, trailers, music videos and much more.

This little piece of news opens up yet another way of using the Nintendo 3DS, and thankfully, the app is free to download. Spotpass, a feature which allows gamers to pick up items for games, or meet other connected 3DS' whilst on their journeys is incorporated here. This means that whenever your 3DS is near an internet hotspot it is able to download the clips for you straight away. This is extremely handy if a video subscription service is available at some point, as this ensures the user does not miss a single video in the series.
Official Nintendo Magazine were also informed that the first content available will be 3D clips of Oscars Oasis, a children's cartoon series, and a Magic Tricks collection, which will show gamers a variety of optical illusions and card tricks on the 3DS screen.

As it is very early days, not much more has been announced about this free app, but no doubt a lot of companies will be interested in getting involved in this. 

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