Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fan Art Interview: Becky (*beyx)

Bioshock-Little Sister

There are plenty of talented artists out there, but I find that browsing deviantART is one of the easiest ways to find artists that have, in some way, caught my attention. 
I love having the opportunity to talk to artists who have a great passion for game fan art, and Becky (beyx on deviantART) is one of them. 

Q: Why do you enjoy drawing game fan art?

A: It allows me to combine two of my favourite hobbies-video games and drawing. There are tons of games I enjoy so there's always a memorable character that I can draw for fun, and it lets me experiment with their designs and improve my art skills at the same time. 
Q: Are there any games in particular that you enjoy drawing the most?

A: Zelda, Sonic and Mario games are some of my favourite ones to draw. It's fun to take characters that are already so familiar in their art form and re-imagine them!

Q: Are there any games that inspired you, or continue to inspire you in terms of drawing?

A: Most of the games that have inspired me are ones whose graphics are more cartoonish rather than realistic. Since they've already set their own style it allows me to be more creative with my own style. 

Q: What has been your most popular piece of fan art, and why do you think this is? 

A: I have two pieces that seem to be about equally popular. Pikasurf and Mario Suits have gotten quite a lot of attention since I posted them, and people seem to really love their designs. I think it's because people have fond memories of those game series 
Mario Suits
Q: Are there any other ideas currently in the pipeline?

A: Oh gosh, I have a notebook filled with designs and ideas, but there aren't enough hours in the day to properly draw them all out. I do have a few comic ideas I've been working on but I tend to jump between them a lot since I can't decide which I like best. I also have a rough idea for a children's book which I'd like to work on when I have figured it all out. And of course, plenty of video game fan art!

Q: And finally, have you got a game (or games!) that you can recommend for my readers to play?

A: There are lots of games I've enjoyed to be honest, but the ones that stick out of my mind are the Grand Theft Auto series, especially the Multi Theft Auto multi player mod for the PC version of San Andreas, Portal 2 and Bioshock

If you haven't played any of the classics, an all time favourite of mine is The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past which I think everyone should try out. My favourite game I like to play with friends is Left 4 Dead 2. I like all of these games for different reasons and they've given me countless hours of enjoyment. I would recommend them to anyone. 
Mario and Luigi

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