Thursday, 4 August 2011

An Interview with Jesse Venbrux

Jesse Venbrux is the creator of the excellent Karoshi series, which is available to play online, and on the iPod/iPhone and Android platforms. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about Karoshi, and his current plans at Q-Games

Q. How did you conceive the idea of Karoshi?

A: I believe it was a combination of things. Inspirations if I remember correctly were a Flash game called 5 minutes to kill yourself and super difficult platformer I Wanna Be The Guy. Putting these together sort of gives you Karoshi.

Q. The Karoshi games involve killing the salaryman on every stage. They gained popularity, and still continue to be your most popular series. Why do you think the Karoshi series is so well loved?

A: The puzzles make you feel smart when you solve them. They are different from what we usually see in games and filled with humour. The concept of Karoshi is also easy to explain and speaks to the imagination.
Q. A common theme throughout many of your games is death. Your games Execution, Karoshi and Deaths work well with this concept.  Why do you like using this theme?

A: Perhaps because there's something strangely mysterious about death (nobody who's experienced it can talk about it) and it's also used as a mechanic in most games. I like the idea of a persistence in game worlds as it can make them feel more alive...

Q. You are currently working in Japan for a games developer. Are there any new projects in the pipeline?

A: I'm currently working on an online browser version of the tower defence game PixelJunk Monsters (previously on PS3 and PSP). It has been announced recently. Read about it here.

Q. Lastly, can you recommend a game for my readers to play?

A: I can recommend Psychosomnium by Cactus. If you like Karoshi you'll like some of the things that happen in this excellent adventure platformer.

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