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Metroid Celebrates it's 25th Anniversary

The 6th August marked the 25th Anniversary of Metroid. Nintendo had already celebrated The Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversary this year, as well as Mario's at the end of 2010. No news has been announced on how Nintendo plan to celebrate this as of yet, but no doubt something will be in the works soon enough. You can read more about this via my article that I posted on MCM BUZZ.

The Metroid series follows the adventures of bounty hunter and protagonist, Samus. Samus helps to save the galaxy from the sinister Space Pirates, as well as attempt to harness the power of the Metroids. So far, the Metroid series spans 11 games over a host of Nintendo consoles, with the latest addition gracing the Wii. The game play combines the platforming aspect that is evident in hit Nintendo games such as Super Mario with the exploration aspect of The Legend of Zelda.

Shinesparkers.net created a 10 minute video to celebrate the latest Nintendo anniversary. The video comprises of members of the Metroid fan community, as well as some notable names in the games industry, such as Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya who I had the pleasure to interview for 8-BIT Girl on Monday.

You can watch the entire video below:

So why is Metroid so well loved?
 I managed to collect several fan's opinions on my Nintendo fan-site NintyFans, as well as my own deviantART profile on why they enjoy playing the role of heroine Samus in this series. Some of which are detailed below:

"1: The games have a big map to explore, and even if you got through all the places in the map, you still haven't done it all!
2: The weapons are awesome and the abilities are great. EVERY single one has a usage! I like screw attack, besides the space jump being hard to use...
3: The super reason! The characters AND the story! Samus, the one we all know and love, Ridley-he is almost always there, and the story; A-MA-ZING!"

Shiori500"The Metroid game was my first FPS. It's what got me into that genre of games, but besides that, the games are just so involved. Everything is really detailed, so it feels like you're actually in the world yourself. 

Another thing I like is that you don't just go through an area once, and then you're done with it, which is what a lot of games today do. There's always something new to explore and/or be discovered wherever you go. The enemies you have to fight in these games are also pretty challenging. It often takes several tries before you can beat one of the bosses. Also, the equipment is just awesome! I wish I could turn into a ball and roll around. 

Lastly, when I first played Metroid, I didn't know Samus was a girl. When she took her helmet off, I was a little stupefied, but that made me love them even more, because it was a chick kicking everyone's butts!" 
PrinceCharmander: "It's this great atmosphere that is created that makes the games so amazing, with that unique sense of isolation. That keeps attracting me to the series."

SuperSaiyanKidGoku: "My love for Metroid started when I played the first Prime, and kept exploring the vast regions of Tallon. The music and graphics are kick-ass. My favourite creature is Ridley because he can come in many different forms: regular, meta and omega. I was a bit surprised when Prime 2 came out because of Dark Samus, but I eventually took care of her until Prime 3 came out, and she was more powerful than ever. Metroid: Other M is a pretty cool game, and I especially love the way they introduce Samus' story throughout the game. 

The Queen Metroid was the hardest boss I ever had to face. My favourite track is "Dark Samus' Theme" from Echoes because it is so catchy, and brings out my alter-ego, Metroidhackerz. The most shocking experience I had in the Prime series was when I landed on Phazee and immediately went into Hyper Mode."
LordGavinMacLean: "Some of the best Metroid games I've played were able to evoke a sensation of total isolation, leaving me alone to survive upon an alien world with little more than my skills as a bounty hunter to depend on. Driven onward, I delved deeper into the strange worlds, not only exploring every last corner for power-ups, but to satisfy my own simply curiosity at the seemingly limitless details of these worlds. The pleasure found whenever you stumble across such surprising secrets truly makes you feel like you're discovering something new and exciting, or perhaps adrenaline charged whenever you're ambushed by an aggressive foe. Metroid quickly became a staple of Sci-Fi gaming for me, beyond any simple gameplay mechanic, and more so due to it's consistent quality in detailed design and inspiring imagination."

SheikfreakIvan: "I had just started playing Metroid a little more than a year ago. My brother, who was 6 at the time, introduced me to Metroid Prime. I completely fell in love with the game and the character (not romantically). Samus is a strong, independent woman who can overcome anything despite the consequences..." 

groundzeroace: "Probably the biggest reason why I love the Metroid series is the feeling of total isolation. Depending on nothing but your quick reactions and skills. There's no experience system or a "hold your hand" mode.

...when I first played Metroid 2 on the Game Boy, it blew me away. It was a completely different gaming experience and I fell in love with it instantly. Finding power ups, exploring every nook and cranny of the stages-it was pure bliss.

Some of my best memories I've had has been in the Metroid games..."
Metroid-Tamer has written a detailed journal entry expressing her love for the series.

More fans opinions can be found via the responses on the NintyFans poll.

Fans Get Artistic
To conclude this extensive article, here are a few excellent examples of the art, etc fans have created to honour this series:

By groundzeroace
By Yukilefay
By noprips
By Rundash
Happy 25th anniversary Samus! May there be many more games over the years to come!

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