Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Collection of Posts

Hello all,

Once again, I've been busy writing elsewhere on the web as well as my personal gaming blog, which you are currently reading from right now.

Retro Kingdom
First of all, I've recently started writing for Retro Kingdom, a collaborative retro blog by myself and Lewis Terry from App Kingdom.

Here are my most recent posts:
Donkey Kong Country
Dragon Warrior Monsters
Mario Paint

MCM Buzz
I'm pleased to announce that I've bagged myself a press pass to cover the London MCM Expo in October for MCM Buzz! I shall be doing a few interviews, writing up coverage for all the events, browsing the stalls, etc. 

Do not be shy! If you see me, by all means come and say hello. I shall be handing out some 8-Bit Girl flyers (I hope) during the convention as well!

Here are latest articles:
Dragon Quest X Goes Online for the Wii and Wii U
Red Dead Redemption "Myths and Mavericks" DLC Revealed
An Interview with Christaan Gough (The Sci-Fi Guys)

Gamers Daily News
I was appointed as a guest contributor for Gamers Daily News this month. This means that I shall be posting up any of my game musings whenever I feel I have something worthy enough to share.

My first (and hopefully not my last!) article for the site:
My Favourite Game: Link's Awakening

I know many of my readers like to read my other posts around the internet, and so I shall be doing regular update posts like this from now on to let you all know what else I have been writing.

I hope you continue to enjoy my writing on and off of 8-Bit Girl, and please do not hesitate to get in touch via my email address!

Kayleigh Powis

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