Friday, 30 September 2011

Saints Row The Third: The Wild World of Genki

If you want even more proof that the latest Saints Row title is full of wild and wacky humour, then here it is, presented in the latest trailer-The Wild World of Genki.

Professor Genki's Super Ethical Realty Climax is Steelport's most popular game show, where contestants compete for prizes, or large sums of cash, whilst avoiding dismemberment, electrocution, and ultimately, death. 

Think The Running Man meets Smash TV, and this is essentially what you'll be treated to here. 

The game show's host, Professor Genki (a bizarre man to cat hybrid) is a crazy, and hilarious, addition to the game. Pre-orders for Saints Row The Third will be rewarded with a Professor Genki pack, which offers up a stunt suit skin, octopus gun, and a "man-a-pult." I'm sure you'll agree that the latter is pretty self explanatory.

So, bring on the 18th November. It'll be "fun time for the whole f****ing family."

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