Friday, 30 September 2011

An Interview with Jerry Terrifying

There are plenty of podcasts on the internet now which cover a variety of topics. Of course, this being a gaming blog, I prefer to source out the best of the gaming podcasts. I recently started chatting to Jerry Terrifying, who has his own gaming series.

In this interview, I find out his highlights, successes and more in relation to his podcast.
Q. Hello! Could you introduce yourself to my readers?

A: First of all thanks for doing the interview!  My name is Jerry Terrifying, at least on the internets, and once a week a few buddies and myself host a live podcast and we scream at each other about video games, occasionally cartoons, movies or comics and just sort of goof off while pretending we know what the hell we're talking about.

Q. As you stated, you run a podcast called Mondo Cool Cast. What made you decide to start your own gaming podcast?
A: I was listening to a podcast with really low production values, inaccurate information and zero personality and thought I could half ass a show that would blow them out of the water.  By episode two that goal was accomplished. I used to refer to that podcast as "The Secret Enemy Podcast" but there was never any serious animosity there. I look at all other podcasts as the competition and try to have something better or more entertaining than what they're doing.  As I do really love video games from the software, story telling, game play mechanics to the advancements in technology and want to spread accurate info to those interested.  People have a choice when they click subscribe on iTunes or download your show and I want to do my very best to entertain and enlighten everyone that's given the show a chance.

Q. What has been your highlight of your podcast series so far?
A: The friends that I've made along the way!  I've made tons of skype friends that I talk to on a daily basis, some have become co hosts, collaborated on videos and other projects, helped me get review copies of games to further my goal of being a professional internet guy and in a few cases I've had the chance to talk to people whose material I really enjoy.

Q. How has the response to Mondo Cool been so far?
A: It's been fantastic!  I haven't had any hate mail yet...not even when I explained why Final Fantasy games aren't Role Playing Games.  I was really expecting to get it but everyone that did respond sort of agreed and said I had a point.  One of the biggest surprises has been all the free stuff people have sent in.  Someone sent me a $100 microphone because they loved the show and hated the audio quality from the early days.  Another dude sent me two Pioneer Laseractive Laserdisc games.  Those things are super rare and super expensive.  That was an amazing gift and are amongst my most prized possesions.

Q. Are there any games that are coming up that you're excited about covering?
A: I'm the kind of person that wants to play every game.  I try not to have preconceived notions about a game before actually screwing around with it.  I take my reviews very seriously and offer honest opinions.  I don't just fart out a review as fast as possible for cheap views.  Another rival in the field put out a review and you could tell they hadn't made it past the first two or three hours of a twenty five to thirty hour game.  That's like a food critic reviewing a restaurant based on the bread and water before the meal arrives.  But the short answer.  TES V Skyrim.  I love The Elder Scrolls series and Skyrim is looking fantastic!  Tangents and being long winded are kind of my thing haha.

Q. You've had quite a few guests on the site. Who has been your favourite so far?
A: Mark From Classic Game Room on youtube was by far one of the most popular episodes, he's got nearly 180k subscribers on youtube so I was surprised he agreed to be on the show and it was totally surreal talking to him.  The personality in his videos is 100% authentic.  He's just one of those dudes that's always "on."
Also the episode where I interviewed one of the creators of Morton's List the random reality game was a blast.  Nathan is best friends with one of the older brothers of a dude in my favorite musical group from when I was a kid.  So I got to talk to someone that has shout outs on some of my favorite albums.  We were going to hang out in Detroit and film a segment for my cable access show Mondo Cool TV but that fell through.  Perhaps someday I'll see him at a Convention or some such.  But how cool is that getting to talk to someone that's like probably had Thanks Giving dinner at one of your child hood heroes homes?
Though I've enjoyed every interview I've done.  I have a very loose format when it comes to interviewing people.  I may do some prep work before hand but I like to keep it conversational and casual but I don't edit any of the content of the conversation.  It's all 100% authentic and real which I think is why people respond so well to the interviews I do.  I hate hearing interviews that are obviously just a list of questions with no good follow ups even when its painfully obvious that something needs following up on.  With a casual conversation you can ask follow up questions and end up in exciting places that you couldn't have possibly planned ahead of time. 
And of course you are absolutely welcome on the show when you have some free time!  I'm really making a push to interact with others in the community and getting some good networking and cross promotion.  When I see someone doing something I like I want to talk to them!  And I've been liking what you've been doing with your site.

Q. Have you got any advice for those wishing to start their own gaming podcasts?
A: Just do it.  If you have passion for your hobby and want to scream into a microphone for the world to hear your thoughts and opinions go for it!  That's really the only way to tell if you're cut out for it.  A lot of things in life are sink or swim and I think podcasting is one of those things.  Some people just aren't able to be an "on air" personality or won't be able to scrounge up any content or just lose interest after a few episodes.

Q. Is there anything else you have lined up in the near future?
A: I've been getting more and more product for review which has been awesome.  I've had a chance to try out new things that I might not have experienced otherwise.  So I'll be posting some more reviews to the site, should have an episode of Mondo Cool TV up soon.  There's always something cooking at the Terror Dome.  :D

Q. Final question! Any last words before we close this interview?

A: Thanks for taking the time to check out the podcast and doing the interview!  Hopefully your readers will take a chance and give the show a shot.  I know there's a million gaming podcasts out there but between me and my co hosts we really know our useless trivia about video games.  :D

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