Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Goats vs. Nazis NES Project

I was contacted a few days ago by Jim Welch, a solo games developer. Jim is creating a NES-style game entitled "Goats vs. Nazis." 
Goats vs. Nazis is still currently in production, with Jim aiming to spend a year finishing up. Although Jim is currently urging people to donate towards a 14k payout to fund his project, the game will be given away for free on the PC.

This is what Jim Welch stated in his email to myself:

"The goal is to spend one year coding, designing, composing and creating art for this game. (As a single developer).
The 14K goal may seem silly but it's the pure cost of working 50+ hrs a week on a game for a year. The game will be given away free as a download to everybody. (Backer or not.) Of course I'd like to see this do well, but I'd also like to see it become a new way for NES releases to happen (as selling roms would be a BIG no no and the audience for cartridge reproductions might be too small to fund an entire game up front.)"
Goats vs. Nazis will primiarily be a top-down two player action game, which features seven levels, three difficulty levels, a NES-style chiptune soundtrack, and much more.

Jim has released a non-playable NES demo for his project, which you can view below:

The trailer looks great, and the bizarre subject matter (goats fighting Nazis!) may interest many who are looking for new ideas, but this project will not be happening unless Jim raises $14,000 by the 27th November 2011. That's only a matter of weeks, so I wish Jim the very best of luck in reaching his goal.

Those interested in the development of Goats vs. Nazi's can donate here

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