Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm featured on Classic L33T's Podcast!

You may recall that I interviewed the guys behind the Classic L33T podcast at the beginning of October. Well, it turns out that they loved the interview, and are interested in my blog, so I was asked if I would like to be interviewed for their latest episode of the Classic L33T podcast.

I have never been interviewed before in a podcast, so I jumped at the chance to be featured.
You can hear me answer a few questions in this interview by clicking right here

My interview features around the 58 minute mark, but I strongly urge you to listen to the whole podcast-it's a great listen. Oh, and I apologise if I sound a little nervous at points!

Thank you to Tony from Classic L33T for taking the time out to interview me, despite there being a 5 hour difference in our time zones, and I hope you all enjoy the interview! 

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