Saturday, 1 October 2011

An Interview with ClassicL33T

Recently I contacted ClassicL33T after listening to their podcast and enjoying what I heard. ClassicL33T combines current gaming news with their own personal opinions, observations and more. 

I am currently working my way through the earlier episodes at the moment (I started a little late), but I'm getting up there as quick as I can!

The guys behind ClassicL33T answered my questions in episode 66 of their podcast. I have included my questions below, but I'm leaving the answers to be heard in the podcast. I strongly suggest checking out the full episode. It's definitely worth it!

The questions I put to the guys:

Can you tell us a bit about what to expect in your podcast? 

What inspired you both to start a gaming podcast in the first place?

How has the response been so far to your gaming chats?

Have you got any advice for any budding podcast creators?

How has the overall response been so far?

Are there any particular podcasts you feel the most pride for?

Can you recommend a game or two for my readers to play?

And finally, are there any new ideas that you wish to incorporate into your podcasts? 

You can listen to the guys answer my questions on their podcast. My questions are answered from the 59.33 point!

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