Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nes-Bit Magazine Review launched in October 2010, with an aim to provide a huge games database for all UK releases. Originally starting out with sole-writer, Keith "Lorfarius" Lutener, Nes-Bit has since developed into a regularly contributing team from the sites forum. What we gain is a comprehensive website that combines great writing with a true sense of enthusiasm from it's contributors.

Lorfarius and his team have now created their own magazine, which is entitled Nes-Bit Magazine System. The magazine launched only last week, and combines reviews,  features and interviews into one nifty little collection. This fanzine has an eye-catching retro Nintendo theme, which is perfect, considering that the website, and magazine, are both aimed at  Nintendo games from the past. 

The contents page is clear to read, and easily navigates you to your chosen article. After the obligatory editors piece and writer introductions are out of the way, Nes-Bit Magazine System gets straight into the meaty part of the magazine-the impressive range of articles, spanning across 34 pages. Kicking things off is an interview with Eric Bailey, the guy behind the excellent From here,we're treated to a selection of articles that cover areas such as Nintendo's history, an interesting look at the changes of box-art in different countries, and even a review of the guilty pleasure Mario film, Super Mario Bros. The Movie

What makes the magazine so promising from the first issue is the high level of nostalgia swamping every single page. Of course, it's a retro magazine, so nostalgia is a given, but it is the way in which the writers convey it to the readers that makes this a great read. We are presented with an enthusiastic and enjoyable reading experience that is created by fans for fans. 

I questioned Lorfarius, the magazine's editor and creator of the website about his decision to create a fanzine, and more. You can view his answer below:

"The mag came about to help support NES-Bit and introduce fans to the world of NES.  It's been years since any sort of publication hit the shelves and the magazine seemed a great way to relive the excitement.  After 2 months of hard work I'm happy so many people have enjoyed what we made and hope it convinces others to get involved in future issues!"

Nes-Bit Magazine System is available to download in PDF format for the low price of £1.99. Every penny goes towards supporting the site, and financing future issues. 

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