Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New A World of Keflings DLC Announced

If you haven't already checked out the cute and addictive Xbox Live Arcade game A World of Keflings, now is the time to do so. Created by NinjaBee, A World of Keflings' first DLC will be entitled "It came from Outer Space."

This d├ębut DLC will add a brand new alien themed kingdom to the already varied Kefling world. Fans will be delighted that this new DLC not only includes new content, but a few more hours of play time on top of the original game. Brand new alien characters will inhabit this new kingdom, and players will be tasked with building robots, repairing the mother ship, and generally building up a community for these extra-terrestrials. 

A World of Keflings was first released on the 22nd December 2010 on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. It is a city-building game that requires players, represented as giants in the game, to aid the tiny Keflings in building themselves an inhabitable city. Things start off small-you will find a lot of the tasks instruct you to build simple town houses, or a mill. However, as the city vastly expands, bigger tasks are unlocked, such as building a grand castle for the Keflings royal inhabitants. A World of Keflings is a simple game, but an addictive one at that, and it is so easy to sink a few hours into the game without evening noticing that the time has flown by. 

"It Came from Outer Space" is a welcome addition to the game, and should revive interest for those who have left their days of city building behind. No release date or price has been confirmed as of yet, although it should be at some point in the coming weeks. Personally, I cannot wait. 

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