Friday, 14 October 2011

War of the Worlds coming to XBLA on the 26th Oct

Back at the beginning of 8-Bit Girl I posted some news about the upcoming War of the Worlds game for the Xbox Live Arcade. Well, it looks like the release is finally upon us, a mere four months on. War of the Worlds will be gaining a XBLA release on the 26th October 2011, so those anticipating the game do not have too long to wait. 

The game will follow protagonist Arthur as he recalls the attack from the martians through diary entries. Players will be transported back to May 1953 (set much later than in the original 1898 set HG Wells novel), where they witness London in the middle of the tripod invasion. Players will be navigating Arthur through the collapsing London streets, whilst trying to avoid the tripods deadly heat rays.

The latest trailer brings a 46 second glimpse into the look and feel of the game, with plenty of Patrick Stewart narration included. The game resembles the hit arcade game Limbo, which managed to effectively convey a sinister, creepy but somewhat beautiful world through shadows, and stark black and white colouring. The trailer hints at a similar game play style, as well as aesthetics, which I am sure will please many. No price has been announced as of yet though, but I'm imagining it will retail at around 800MSP when it is released.

You can view the latest trailer, and the previous one, below:

Will you be getting War of the Worlds when it is released? Leave us a comment below!

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