Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Art Feature: Tomb Raider

Occasionally I like to blog some excellent game fan-art that I've found during a bit of deviantART perusing. I've decided that instead of just posting up a bunch of random art I've been impressed by, I'll now theme it by game.

Today's art feature is dedicated to the fan-art of Tomb Raider. I've started with the original creator of the Tomb Raider comic series. Enjoy!


  1. Now this is some good Tomb Raider art. I'd wanted to do a post about Tomb Raider artwork but all I found were, shall we say, less than classy pictures of Ms. Croft. After a bit of searching, I gave up, but I guess I didn't search hard enough since you were able to find these. Bravo!

    1. Thanks, glad you like the feature! I see what you mean...there is quite a lot of "unclassy" pictures of Lara around, but there are plenty of gems hidden if you take a look a bit longer! That's why I did this feature, as I wanted to highlight that not all Lara fan art is sexual. :)


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