Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nintendo Direct Briefing Details

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that New Super Mario Bros 2, a sequel to 2006' New Super Mario Bros, is set for a UK release in August. 

The news was announced as part of yesterday's Nintendo Direct briefing, which Satoru had reminded 3DS owners about via the Nintendo Letter Box channel a few days ago. Nintendo released four screens which show off an icy stage, a new power-up, Raccoon Mario and a screen of Mario on a spiders web. 

As well as this news, Nintendo Direct's latest brieding also announced the release dates for Kingdom Hearts on the 20th July, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (6th July) and Heroes of Ruin (15th June).

Two new Pokemon games were also revealed, as well as some new Animal Crossing screens, all of which you can see courtesy of Official Nintendo Magazine UK

Check out the screenshots for New Super Mario Bros 2 below.

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