Monday, 14 May 2012

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Takes a Misguided Leap

With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on the horizon, it was to be expected that Ubisoft would be wanting to drive their marketing campaign and show people some of the real game play that there is to offer. It could provide a chance to show off all of the content that the beta players were able to experience.

The latest video that turned up a little while ago bypasses all of what you would expect.  Instead of the developers showing off what they have to offer and grabbing our attention with the games great technical aspects, we are left with Coco.

Whilst Coco is a woman who apparently likes guns and games, she leaves us in the dark about all of the games content.  She discloses why the game is good for her, and the video acts more as a showcase for her than the actual game itself.  Now if this was an advert for some crude poker game or yet another Dead or Alive Volley Ball sequel the marketing campaign may have had some relevance.

Whilst sex sells, the youtube comments alone for the video show that gamers are not happy with the content.  Whilst I cannot argue with a busty blonde in a skimpy outfit, I just feel that they missed the mark and misjudged their customers.  Ghost Recon as a series is far from tongue in cheek and as a result the video sends out too many mixed messages about what Ubisoft want from their fans and what actually is in the game.

Written by Anna Harris

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