Friday, 8 June 2012

E3 2012: EA Conference Summary

Perhaps the most disappointing of the game conferences, EA presented 10 games in their hour slot. Whilst there were a few good offerings, there were also a few which weren't so exciting.

EA kicked things off with Dead Space 3, the first game in this survival horror series that will feature drop in-drop out Co-Op player. It looks great so far, but I do wonder if the scares that the first two games so brilliantly delivered will not be as effective when there's a friend along to keep the monster count down. Hopefully EA have some scary surprises in store regardless.

EA Sports took the stage next to present Madden 13, which will apparently be utilising the Inifinty Engine to show more realistic collisions. 

Next up was Maxis, who showed off SimCity Social for Facebook. As I've always been turned off of these Farmville style games on Facebook, this one didn't really grab my attention...especially as The Sims Social was a huge disappointment. However, SimCity for the PC was where Maxis redeemed themselves. The details look stunning, and multiplayer has been confirmed!

Battlefield 3 Premium was shown, a premium downloading service which features new maps and weapons. Costing a pretty expensive £40, I noticed on Twitter that many gamers reactions was that Call of Duty had got there first with Call of Duty Elite. Unfortunately, I think there right...unless you're a hardcore Battlefield 3 fan, there wasn't really much excitement here.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was discussed by Dr Ray Muyzya from Bioware. New expansions were revealed, as well as a higher level cap (time to catch up people) and brand new companions.  

Time for another warfare game, with Medal of Honor Warfighter. The game will be running on the FrostBite 2 engine, and promises to be much improved on the previous offering. A trailer was shown, complete with some gameplay footage. 

More sports news next from Andrew Wilson of the EA Sports team. He spoke about Madden 13 Social, then showed off FIFA 13. They'll be plenty of unlockable content, and brand new features.UFC was discussed next, although no new games announced as of yet. However EA wanted to make it clear that UFC is now no longer under THQ, but they have taken the helm instead.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is an open world racer where players compete to become the most wanted. The gameplay footage showed off tons of crazy racing which was reminiscent of Burnout Paradise.  

The conference closed with Crysis 3, where gameplay footage showed off plenty of futuristic action. 

My top picks of the EA conference:
Dead Space 3
Crysis 3

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