Friday, 1 June 2012

NintyFans: "Unlikely Alliances" Contest Details

I am the Founder of a Nintendo art group over on deviantART, which is currently boasting 5,000+ members (this rapidly grows every day too!).

Every other month or so NintyFans runs a competition where members must create an entry based on the chosen theme. Many prizes are always up for grabs, including deviantART points (which can be used to buy items in the dA store, amongst other things), free commissions from varied artists, features, handmade items, and much more.

May 2012 signalled the groups next competition.

The Aim
Entitled "Unlikely Alliances", the aim is to create an entry that shows your chosen alliance take down an unspeakable evil. It can be anything from the Nintendo universe...and perhaps the enemy in question is not normally considered a Nintendo antagonist! Members can create their own conflict, if they so wish.

Two or more Nintendo characters can be chosen for the entry, and d both do not necessarily have to be heroes either-again, perhaps a villain has decided to do some good for a change. 

The contest closes on the 29th June 2012, and will be judged by myself and the Co-Founder. For the full list of rules and prizes, check out the contest journal entry.

I hope to see a lot of you join NintyFans and participate in the contest!

Also, feel free to follow us here!:
Twitter: @nintyfans

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