Monday, 27 August 2012

Question/Answer Time!: No.1

I've decided to start a new post every Monday where I ask you, my readers, a question. The idea is to generate a bit of a conversation in the comment section between all of you. Feel free to give this first one an answer!


Uncharted is currently in production for the big screen. What game would you like to see as a film next?

Leave your answers in the comment section below, and check back next Monday for another question!


  1. My knee jerk response would be: none. Games don't adapt well to film in the same way books do. However, thinking of a better answer, I came up with Mario. Not the 90's abomination, but a CG children's film with the same aesthetic as the New Super Mario Bros games, and a progressive story that apes the Pixar tales.

    And if sequels are okay, I'd love another Professor Layton film.

  2. Infamous. I think that would play out well on screen.

    Also, not a movie per se, but I would love to see Saint's Row be an HBO-like tv series. That would be cool.


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