Saturday, 18 August 2012

Review: Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1

Mass Effect: Homeworlds, is a comic centred around James Vega, the tattooed video game tough guy from the series of the same name.  Sadly the most exhilarating aspect of this comic is indeed the front cover.  Hell On Earth, gives the impression that the comic is going to be about action or intense drama, regretfully it is not.  

The comic centres around James and his relationship with his waster of a father.  He opposes James joining the military and forces him to purchase drugs.  James' dad is the most well rendered character in the comic.  He looks great but seems out of place with not only the rest of the setting but also the artwork.  It is evident that Eduardo Francisco liked drawing him most of all.  His art work throughout the book ranges from sketchy to heavy on and off, whilst James' dad is the only figure that is drawn consistently.

The art certainly is far from being hell on earth as the story is pretty bland and slow.  Mac Walters dialogue is solid but the story is weak and boring, throttling his ability.  It really needed a bit more driving the basic unimaginative plot, then maybe Walters' dialogue and Francisco's art may have really had a chance to shine, but under the blandness of the story they struggle to even get their heads above the bland sea of a plot that surrounds them.

Hopefully in the next few instalments the story will pick up, however it looks doubtful.

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