Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Resident Evil 6: 14 Reasons Why It'll Be Great!

A friend of mine wrote a piece on WhatCulture completely blasting the Resident Evil 6 demo. Whilst he is entitled to his opinion (and I respect it), sorry Shaun, as you know, I had completely different feelings to you about what I was playing! 

So, I have decided to compile a counter piece to his criticisms, not to have a "one up" on him, but rather just to show the other side of the argument. Resident Evil 6's demo seems to have been met with some mixed feedback since it was released publicly on the 18th September. Well, here's one person's opinion anyway.

1. "Bad Graphics"

I am not really sure why people are complaining that the graphics are so bad. For starters, the demo was condensed into an 800mb download, so the quality suffered a little. However, saying that, I still thought it looked rather impressive. Just wait until the actual game is out, we'll be able to play it at the resolution it was designed for!

2. "The Map Is Too Helpful"

The inclusion of pointers and an overly helpful map system does relieve the tension somewhat. Knowing that your objective is closer than you originally thought, for example. However, if you don't like being guided every step of the way, the map can be turned off! With it turned off, you will be left to find your own way, and it restores some of that exploration that the original games had. It just seems a little silly to criticise a feature that you do not even have to utilise if you don't want to.

3. "You Can Move While Shooting"

Whilst I agree that running and shooting is a little harder to master, fans have been calling for this option for ages now, hence why Capcom decided to include it. Plus, give it time...you'll grow to like it! Resident Evil Revelations also included moving and shooting, and I felt it enhanced the gameplay. However, if moving and shooting is not for you, you don't have to move! You are still able to shoot whilst standing!

4. "Lame Obstacles"

All Resident Evil games have included obstacles, even the most obvious ones that of course hinder you from accessing the next part of the level. It's just the way the games play out. Also, it is such a small aspect of the game to actually get worked up about, in my opinion. 

5. "Clunky Triggers"

The complaint that hits were not registering on the zombie is a bizarre one. Personally, I found that I had no difficulty in shooting. Yes, zombies now, for the most part, take more than one hit to the head to go down, but in no way did I find it clunky or glitchy. 

6. "Boring Objectives"

Yes, I agree with you that Chris' campaign was very reminscent of the gameplay in Call of Duty, but boring objectives? The El Gigante-esque fight seemed quite enjoyable to me. The sort of objectives we had to encounter in the demo are typical of the Resident Evil series. Yes, they can be quite predictable (fighting off zombies whilst waiting for assistance, for instance), but come on...shooting the zombies is still a lot of fun, right?

7. "Over-Generous Loot"

OK, in a way I sort of agree with you on this one. The new inventory system was a little tricky to master. It took me quite some time to work out how to combine herbs and use them, but once I figured it out, I actually started to prefer the new look. As for the abundance of herbs...yes, there was a ton, but part of me wonders if these were only in full flow for the sake of the demo? Plus, the full game will have difficulty options, so ammo and herbs should be much more sparse on a higher difficulty. 

Also, your partner seems to be able to hold their own without any problems, which again, I feel will be different in the main game. 

8. "Poor Mini Games"

We are only basing it on one example...when Leon has to start the police car at the end of his demo. Personally, I thought this was fine. It was a brief chunk of the game that was easy to complete and quite fun to watch. Part of me thinks the mini-games will be much like Resident Evil 4 and 5-spamming the action buttons as fast as you can to escape enemies.

9. "Zombies With Guns"

Zombies have had weapons since Resident Evil 4! Resident Evil 5 included gattling gun wielding Manjini too. In Chris' campaign, we can see that the situation has turned into an all-out war. BOW's have advanced, and are now able to shoot the opposition. These "J'avo" pose a greater threat then the zombies we saw in the original games, due to their ability to wield a gun, run and attack (except techincally...they're not zombies). In a series which has seen the virus evolve over time, it seems like the next logical step.

10. "Teammate Revival"

I can see your point with this one. I found that I was close to death on a few occasions, and each time my partner revived me. For someone like me, who admits that I'm not an amazing gamer at times, I sort of welcome this inclusion. However, for those "hardcore gamers", knowing that death is never going to be an option when a partner is in close proximity can take the fear factor and difficulty out it a little.

However, play it with a real-life team mate and perhaps this changes.

11. "Too Many Weapons"

Yes, Sherry has a ton of weapons in her and Jake's campaign. However, the argument that it cannot be possible for a woman with such a slight frame as Sherry should be able to wield all of these is a little silly. Look at the other action games. Lara Croft managed to fit a whole arsenal in her miniature brown backpack! At the end of the day...it's just a game.

12. "Hand To Hand Combat"

Personally, I felt that the hand to hand combat had improved somewhat. Kicking a zombie to the ground then stamping on it's head felt satisfying. The inclusion of powerful combat helps to knock back a horde when either a reload is needed, or you sense you're being way too surrounded. 

13. "Camera and Controls"

Whilst I agree that at times the camera can get a little frustrating, on the other hand, once I had managed to get used to this new inventory system, I had no problem with the controls. Shooting felt OK, melee was easy to master and I was soon weapon changing, reloading, combining and using herbs without a problem.

14. "Inventory"

At the beginning, I have to admit I hated the inventory. I found it overly confusing, and it took me some time to actually work out how to even equip a herb to my HUD. However, give yourself a little time to work through the system, and at least in my opinion, it seemed to work after that. I have since played the demo through three times, and have to agree that the more it is used, the easier and clearer it becomes. Give it time!

In conclusion though, I think it is hard to agree on how good or bad this game will be until you are able to play the full version. The demo only gave us a brief glimpse, and perhaps for many, they weren't the best sections to choose. Whatever your opinion, wait until the main game is out, play through it then decide if the demo really reflects the overall experience.

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