Monday, 1 October 2012

Perhaps The Best Alice: Madness Returns Cosplay I've Seen!

I loved Alice: Madness Returns, and happened to stumble upon this rather excellent cosplayer last night during a brief browse.

Ormeli on deviantART has plenty of fantastic cosplays besides her Alice one, so it is worth looking through her gallery. However, I decided to feature her Alice cosplay photos, as she looks scarily like Alice Liddel from the game-the same frame, big eyes and face shape. Check them out below. You can also view the bigger versions via the Alice folder in her gallery.

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  1. The dress is cool....but the vorpal blade seems too short..u nuh?:-)
    It must be as long as her forearm:-P

    1. I've seen how expensive it can be to make or buy a ready-made Vorpal expensive! I think she does the costume justice though. So well done!

  2. great cosplay! pretty girl:)

  3. i'm in love:)

  4. it looks just like alice! this is amazing!!


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