Friday, 14 December 2012

A Quick Update

Hello all,

So most  of you by now will know the reason behind my lack of posts. I've still been keeping up Monday posting, but most of the week is taken up by work. 

8-Bit Girl has taken a back seat, and has done since October. I'm really sorry about that. I'm still around, keeping up with gaming, talking on Twitter and my Facebook page. Whenever I manage to grab some free time, I try to throw something up here. It's not the daily posts like i used to be able to do.

My day job consists of being a copywriter & blogger in a full time 37hour+ job. I get home and continue my writing with some freelancing work which I get every week. After I've done all of this, I'm pretty much sick of the computer and tend to just get offline. My brain is overloaded by writing!

So again, I'm sorry. Please keep checking back, as I'll post when I can, and I'm always updating with game related stuff on Twitter anyway. 

Thanks for being understanding!


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