Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nintendo Explorer Starter Kit for 3DS Review

I've really got back into my Nintendo 3DS lately after picking up a few new games. They're also handy to take along to conventions where I pick up tons of Streetpass hits! So I was definitely happy when got in touch with me about reviewing the Official Licensed Nintendo Explorer Starter Kit for the 3DS which they stock on their site.

Included in this kit is a grey 3DS case, a car charger, a pair of in-ear headphones, two replacement 3DS styluses, a cleaning cloth and 3DS screen protectors.

First off is the 3DS case. This case has a tough outer shell which is designed to protect against knocks and bumps. The soft inner lining also helps prevent scratches, something which I'd hate to happen (I'm rather precious about my Limited Edition Zelda 3DS!). Inside contains storage space for not only the 3DS, but also for three 3DS games, whilst the mesh section will hold larger items, like the spare stylus's, cleaning cloth and headphones. I also used this section to hold all of my AR cards.

The headphones supplied are of the inner ear variety, and actually hold in the sound surprisingly well. Also, it's quite handy having a car charger, something I didn't have before, so that the 3DS can be charged when on a long journey. 
If you are worried about scratching either screen of your 3DS, the screen protectors are a handy way of preventing this from happening. It can be a little tricky to put these on without causing air bubbles though, so use the side of a credit card to slowly press the bubbles out towards the sides whilst sticking in place!

A starter kit like this is a handy pack to buy when buying a 3DS. A case is definitely advisable, and out of all the cases I've had for the 3DS, this one has honestly been the best, due to the hard, robust outer shell. 
Also on a side note, check out MobileFun's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cases, which provide extra security for your phone whilst also carrying some style. Perfect for gaming on the move!

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