Sunday, 10 February 2013

Review: Retro Game Boy iPhone Case

You may remember the Arcadie iPod Cabinet that I reviewed back in January. The same website kindly sent me a Retro Game Boy Case for my iPhone 4 last week, which I am more than happy to review and feature.

Resembling a classic Nintendo Game Boy, this white silicon case includes the handheld's green screen, along with the familiar button layout. It really does look like a Game Boy, and not just a cheap knock-off version. Excellent!

Not only this, but this case offers a perfect fit with all the cut-outs for side buttons, camera and charging port, so it can continue to be used without having to remove it when the interface needs to be used. Also, although this is billed for an iPhone 4s, this fits an iPhone 4 perfectly too. 

Take a look at the photos below of my iPhone in the case. 

Check out the rest of Mobile Fun's iPhone 5 cases here. 



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