Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wii Mini Launch Price Announced

It has been announced that the Wii Mini will gain a March 2013 release here in the UK. Effectively a scaled down version of the Nintendo Wii, the Wii Mini is somewhat smaller, but still includes everything the Wii came included with. In the box you will find a Nunchuck and Wii-Remote Plus, sensor bar, Wii Power Supply and AV cable. Additional Wii accessories, such as the Balance Board, are also functional.

However, sadly the Wii Mini lacks Gamecube compatibility and does not support S-Video or Component video cables. Also it lacks an SD card slot and has no Wi-Fi. If you are like me and still enjoy dabbling on the odd Gamecube game every now and then, then it is probably worth just paying that little bit extra and getting the bigger, original Wii. 

Yesterday companies were beginning to announce their launch prices, with both Amazon and Game launching the system for £79.99, a fraction of what the original Wii launched for a few years ago. With so many companies competing for the cheapest launch price, no doubt we'll be seeing much cheaper prices than this soon! Watch this space.

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