Sunday, 12 May 2013

Great Rare Gaming Items Up On My eBay!

As many of my Twitter and Facebook followers are probably aware by now, me and my boyfriend are moving into a new place in three weeks time. We've been crazily saving for enough money to buy furniture and to pay for any of our belongings to be transported. However, every little extra helps.

So this is why I've taken to eBay this weekend and am listing a whole host of gaming items from mine and my boyfriends collections.

As the moment I am selling shiny, rare, mint and near mint condition Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh cards, Dungeons & Dragons books, a rare Konami Contra LCD Handheld game, Majora's Mask gold cartridge with a manual.

I will be selling more Nintendo 64 games with manuals once these auctions have ended in 7 days time, along with some other goodies I have acquired.

Here's my eBay store:

Currently listed. More in a week!:

I'd appreciate it if any of you would take a look at my eBay. They are starting off at a very low price, will be sent as soon as it's closed, and are packaged securely.

Thanks all, and happy bidding!

8-Bit Girl

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