Thursday, 25 July 2013

Machinarium: Beautiful Hand-Drawn Artwork

I picked up a bunch of games for next to nothing in the Steam Summer Sale these past few weeks (resulting in spending no more than £6 in total-bargain!). Machinarium was one of them.
A point and click game loaded with puzzles, quirky but beautiful hand-drawn animation and a cute robot, I am loving this at the moment.
I also found out that Machinarium was created by Amanita Design, creators of a bizarre, surrealist, sometimes disturbing but equally enthralling point and click browser game Samorost(<-click to play it!), which I loved when I was younger.
I definitely recommend giving this a play. The demo is up on Steam; so download it!
One of my favourite aspects of Machinarium is the artwork, some of which you can see below. (Click an image to make it bigger).

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