Friday, 23 August 2013

Sonvio Easy Speaker

I love music, and have a iPod packed to the brim with it, gaming music amongst it of course. So when I got the chance to test out the Sonvio Easy Speaker, I was more than happy to give it a go!

This speaker lives up to its name; it is indeed an easy to use speaker. Not requiring the use of wires, Bluetooth or WiFi to play music, the Sonvio Easy Speaker simply amplifies the sound of a number of smartphones (for this I used my iPhone 4) by placing the phone onto the top of the speaker. The speaker then notices that you a playing music from your phone and broadcasts the sound through the front. 
At first I noticed that the sound was a little monotone rather than stereo (I'm used to listening to music through a top quality sound system), but once the iPhone was shifted to the correct the position, the sound quality increased significantly. The volume can also reach large volumes of loudness-perfect for those heavier songs.

I then tested the speaker with my iPod Classic, which requires the auxiliary lead in order to work. Again, the sound was near perfect. One thing I noticed is that the sound quality is much better when the speaker is placed on an even surface (a wooden table in my case), the speaker was much more effective. 
The Sonvio Easy Speaker has a great battery life, and can be charged within three hours via a USB charger that plugs into any laptop or PC. 

A top quality speaker that is easy to transport and charge, this is an ideal way to listen to all of those gaming soundtracks you have on your smartphone or mp3 player!

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