Thursday, 5 September 2013

NintyFans: Smash Bros. Competition Winners

My Nintendo deviantART art group (NintyFans) recently held a competition to create a piece of art based on a character the entrant would most like to see in a future Smash Bros. game. They were encouraged to draw some of the characters move-set if they wish.

We had a lot of excellent entries, but these three were by far the best, and were awarded our three winners!

Ridley by BonnyJohn
Tetra/Toon Zelda by Icy-Snowflakes
Wart!! by Dominosaur
Congratulations to those who won! If you wish to enter future NintyFans competitions, please keep an eye on the group page.


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    1. Hey there!

      Currently I'm incredibly busy, so unfortunately cannot commit to being a guest writer on another blog. However, I'd happily add your facebook to my pages facebook to spread the word!

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    2. Hello Kayleigh,

      Thank you very much for the reply. I'll still check in with you because we are both 8Bit Gamers :)

    3. Hey Jesse!

      Glad to see you still come back to check out the blog! :)



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