Monday, 16 December 2013

Angry Birds Speakers!

I love listening to music. My iPod follows me around wherever I go, and although I tend to listen to music through my headphones, I also love to blare it out whilst in the bath, in the presence of company, and so on.

So I was very happy to be sent through these portable speakers, in the shape of two Angry Birds characters!
Sitting at a mere 3.5mm, both speakers are small enough to transport around easily whilst retaining a great sound. Many small speakers fall short when it comes to sound quality, but thankfully on both of these Gear4 produced speakers, the sound was actually rather impressive. The 'tinny' quality of several other small portable speakers was devoid here. 

The speakers, modelled after Angry Bird's most familiar red bird and Angry Birds Space's black bird, offer excellent bass performance that can be enhanced by twisting it to expand the speaker. Also included is a built-in USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 hours and a 3.5mm jack to allow for universal compatibility.

When not in use, these Angry Birds speakers can be stored away in a handy black velvet drawcord pouch, to prevent the device from getting damaged or dirty.

I have resorted to using both speakers (for some reason, I tend to use the black one more, as I liked the design) anywhere now, but of course, no bath-time for me is complete without blasting out my favourites. 

Both Angry Birds speakers are available at

Red Bird:

Black Bird:

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