Friday, 20 March 2015

I Picked Up Two New Games Today...

Club Nintendo closes in a few months, and it seems that finally, they have started adding some games to their Stars Catalogue. About time too! Whilst I have got a few goodies from there that I have been pleased with (my most recent being the Mario Kart 8 vehicles t-shirt, that you can see below), I always preferred the idea of a freebie game over a little bit of merchandise. 

A little big on me, but works well as a cosy PJ top!
Club Nintendo: The Rise, and Fall...and Rise Again

For the most part, Club Nintendo has its ups and downs. The occasional statue was available (although it took an age to even get close to the amount of points needed!), but the cleaning cloths, desktop wallpapers and stylus' didn't really cut it, at least for me anyway... 

However, today I discovered the range of games Nintendo had added to the Stars Catalogue ahead of the recent announcement of it closing its doors in September. I could finally afford something I actually wanted!

Special thank you to my friend Jason for kindly giving me his spare registration codes so that I could earn enough points to pick up this:

And a big thank you to my buddy Brad (who you may remember on Geek Mash), who kindly used his points to unlock the download code for me for Super Mario Kart. That game was a big favourite of mine back in the SNes days!

So, whilst I was writing up some freelancing posts and blogging tonight, A Link to the Past and Super Mario Kart are feeding my nostalgia bug as a reward after. And a welcome one at that! 

What are you playing this weekend? 
Are you getting your retro on like me? 

Let me know in the comments, or over on Twitter, @8_BitGirl


  1. I've been scraping together all the points I can get my hands on before the store closes, and now that there are some games available maybe I can put them to good use. Thanks for the tip!


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