Friday, 1 May 2015

8-Bit Girl Plays: Dead Nation & Hohokum

On the 28th April (the day before my 27th birthday, it turns out), I teamed up with my good friend Jason once again to live-stream some gaming on his Twitch channel. 

This time around, we tried out zombie game Dead Nation, and the cute, quirky and strangely hypnotising Hohokum. In Dead Nation, we set up a voting game, giving viewers the choice to vote between two options every time (e.g. #A for more zombie spawns, or #B to lower difficulty). It's safe to say that those watching liked to give us a hard time by spawning hoards of the undead at every given opportunity (thanks for the times when you did go easy on us though!).

Hohokum was a more laidback affair, with no real direction on what to do in the game. You're basically left to figure it out yourself. This weird little indie title was strangely cute, quirky and definitely hypnotising. It's also free on Playstation Plus in May...

Read on to see the videos, and be sure to check out Jason's Twitch channel for more.  

Check back soon for more Twitch streams from myself and Jason! 

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