Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Memories: Nickelodeon's Clickamajigs

We are on the final Christmas countdown, and it got me thinking about any Christmas traditions myself and my family had. In terms of gaming, the one that immediately springs to mind is myself and my brother's Christmas Eve tradition of playing the 'Clickamajig' games on Nickelodeon's website when we were kids.

OK, so at 25 and 27 years old, that tradition died a long time ago, but I remember how much fun we found those weird but addictive mini games on Christmas Eve. Here were some of our favourites. Warning-things get a little immature from here on out.

Alien Answer Brain

Clickamajigg's were known for their bizarre and creepy games at times, and Alien Answer Brain was one. This mini-game allows kids to write in questions, which the brain will answer for you. Sometimes the brain would get a little angry at you, and that's when it all got a little weird!

Billy Borschtbelt 
This was one of mine and my brother's favourites. The game centred on a stand-up comic called Billy Borschtbelt, who tells absolutely terrible jokes. As he is telling them, you get the choice of food, bricks and other objects to pelt him with. Sadly, I couldn't find a clip of this online, so this screenshot will do. 

And how were the jokes? Well, here's some examples...

"If a dog has no nose, how does it smell? - Awful."
"Mummy, mummy! I hate my sister's guts! - Shut up and eat what's put in front of ya!"

Boy's Room Blues

Record a song and play it back in Boy's Room Blues.Click on each of the boy's and the environment to create sound effects. Click them in an order of your choice to create your own little sound bite.

Black Licorice

Two words: Nightmare fuel. 

Pull My Finger

Ready for another bout of immaturity? I'm sure you'll gather from the title...Pull My Finger is pretty self-explanatory. Pull the finger for a garage of vomiting noises, farts and burps. Lovely stuff, but most kids love something a little gross!

Rodney Greenblat Games

The creator of PaRappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy contributed a few games for Nick's Clickamajigg collection. This video shows Disgruntled Warthog, When Two dogs meet, International Toe Stub, Mr. Whatever, Springehead, Digital PiƱata, Crying Screaming Baby and Road Skunk.

Rude Toot Noisemaker

Anyone who used to play the Clickamajig games in the early 2000's would have noticed the fascination with farts, burps, bogies and all of that stuff. Kids love all the gross bodily functions and silly noises, and the Rude Toot Noisemaker revelled in this. Check out the video to see how it worked.

Substitute Teacher

Annoy the substitute teacher when her back is turned, and don't get caught! 

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