Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My Dad's Favourite Games

It is my Dad's birthday today, so I decided to have a little chat with him about his favourite games he used to love playing when I was growing up. 

I am currently temporarily living with my parents again before a move with my boyfriend in the new year. During this time, I have my PS4 set up, and Dad has been trying out the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot and will be revisiting Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee soon.

Join me as my Dad shares his favourite games, with a comment from myself after. 

Tomb Raider 

Dad: "We all used to sit together to watch me play it. I remember how 'real' everything felt back then-the crunching snow (first time I really felt how far games had come), the locations, gameplay, etc. It got me into the Tomb Raider series."

Kayleigh: I became a huge Tomb Raider fan since I first sat there with the family and watched my Dad play through the old ones. Lara Croft is awesome. Cheers Dad!

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Dad: "It was so satisfying blowing up Sligs. This is a classic!"

Kayleigh: Brilliant game. Pretty tense at times, and you need a lot of patience, but it is worth it. Gotta love Abe too, he's loveable! Also, Dad has Abe's 'wait!' command as his text message alert.

Dad: "Two words: Sheep Bombs."

Kayleigh: Worms gave me and my family a lot of laughs when we got it. It's an excellent multi-player game, and the weapons are brilliant. Personal favourite? The Holy Handgrenade. Love that Monty Python reference!

Super Mario World
Dad: "Just what I needed!" "I loved playing Mario on the SNes. It was so much fun, and the kids loved it too."

Kayleigh: I remember Dad buying this for the SNes. This and Super Mario All Stars cemented my love of Nintendo. I was never 100% brilliant at Mario (although repeated plays of Super Mario Maker is changing that), but I LOVE this game. 

Resident Evil 
Dad: "I still remember the first time a zombie is crap yourself. This got me playing the others after!"

Kayleigh: I'm glad Dad talked about that famous first zombie reveal. It's one of the most effective moments in the series, and really set the tone for the earlier games. Dad got up to Resident Evil 4, and has played the Wii shooters, Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles with me. I've got to get him to try 5 and 6 to see what he thinks...

Medal Of Honour
Dad: "Why did I like Medal of Honour? Sniper rifle. *laughs*

Kayleigh: I've never been a player of games like Medal of Honour and Call of Duty, but I can understand why people do enjoy them. Dad loved this!


Dad: "It was such an addictive strategy game. You needed to really concentrate to get them to safety.

Kayleigh: I loved this on the Game Boy. It gets incredibly difficult pretty quickly, but the satisfaction lies in managing to get the whole lot of lemmings across without any of them dying. You feel terrible when they die-they sound so sad!

The Legend of Zelda: 
Link's Awakening
Dad: "Blimey. The ULTIMATE classic game for myself. What was there not to like? Great gameplay. It set the standard for all RPG games for me. And, you've gotta love 'Ballad of the Windfish."

Kayleigh: I watched Dad play this through when I was little, then completed it myself when I got older. This is one of my favourite games of all time, and also remains my favourite Zelda game (although a few come very close to beating it). I love the weirdness, the Nintendo references and the music. If you haven't played this, pick it up on the 3DS eShop. I recommend it!

Mario Kart
Dad: "The best racing game, bar none. I liked firing off a shell right on the finish line...yeeeeeesss."

Kayleigh: I love the Mario Kart series. Me and my brother used to play the Battle Mode on this SNes version a lot together. Each time a new title in the series is released, it's a must-buy for me.

Time Crisis
Dad: "Non-stop pressure. You had a set time to finish the level, and I liked that challenge."

Kayleigh: I loved the light-gun games on the PS1. This and Point Blank got regular plays.

House of the Dead 2
Dad: "So cheesy, but addictive. Gotta love that wooden voice acting-'Thank you for rescuing me.'"

Kayleigh: I first played this on the PC before picking up the House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returns collection on the Wii. Like Dad said, it's incredibly cheesy, but its fun and satisfying.


  1. Great post!

    Brought some awesome memories back for me too :) xx

  2. Great choices. Tomb Raider and Resident Evil are among my Dad's favourites (and indeed my own) too. He completed Resident Evil Survivor (the awkward one that was half lightgun, half-FPS) too which, considering he doesn't game that regularly, earns him major kudos :P

  3. Ahhhh, I have outstanding memories of this game. I still recall how heavily it was advertised before its NES release, and then my best friend and I sunk HOURS into beating this game a variety of ways - warp whistles and straight through. For more info you may check it by yourself here Visit This Link

  4. I'm so excited for the SNES Classic, and even though I didn't get a preorder it would have been great if these top 25 games would have been the preloaded one (Although most are). The only ones I felt deserved a spot were Actrasier, Mario Paint, Krustys Super Fun House, Killer Instinct and God forgive me Bubsy. I mean those were some of my SNES games of my childhood and I still think they're great (No matter what anyone says) Overall though to this day I think the SNES was the best video game system to date!

    Regards: Eve Hunt


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