Friday, 1 April 2016

8-Bit Girl on Miitomo!

Like many of you, I joined Miitomo last night. Nintendo's first mobile app, it is actually a rather pleasant one. Working as a lighter version of Tomodachi Life, this is essentially a social app, but Nintendo-fied with their usual mix of charm and oddities, of course.

As the heart of it, Miitomo is a way of interacting with your friends. Connect your Facebook and/or Twitter, and start adding your friends from it. Once they're connected, you can ask them questions and find out their answers. It sounds simple, but it's actually pretty addictive, and often quite hilarious (depending on the answers!).

My Mii personality, apparently! Quite close I think. :P
As well as the Q&A format, Miitomo also features a mini-game called 'Miitomo Drop'. This allows players to unlock 'sweets', one of the in-game currencies that unlocks friends answers, coins and exclusive costumes.

There's also a shop for purchasing new outfits, shoes and accessories.

Always regarded for their tight-knit privacy policies (damn you, irritating friend codes), this isn't the case here as much. As well as connecting your social profiles, there's the option to share photos and screenshots off your Mii counterpart and pals in action across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Uh oh...this game is addictive. Be warned!

Check out some screenshots below:

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