Monday, 30 May 2016

MCM Comic Con - May 2016

So, MCM May 2016 is officially over! It always goes incredibly quickly, but as usual, I had a lot of fun, both as Press for 8-Bit Girl and Geek Mash, and just in general on the Sunday, 29th of May.

I was busy taking a lot of photos this time around of some fantastic cosplayers. I also spoke to Lee Skittrell from Rising Star Games about their upcoming game. We got to sample a small section of it, a conga mini-game that was actually really fun. The object of the game was to boogie around a dance floor and pick up more people in your conga line. The winner was the player with the longest line at the end. I also watched some of my friends and fellow Geek Mash team members play Odin's Sphere, Koei's Attack on Titan game and Rising Star's Lumo

One of my highlights, albeit brief, was meeting Tomb Raider's Camilla Luddington. She was really friendly! Here's the picture below:

I didn't buy an awful lot this time, but here's my haul:

Cowboy Bebop poster, Camilla Luddington photoshoot, Hatsune Miku keyring, Sabrina the Teenage Witch trading cards, Zombie tarot cards, a rubber duck from Lumo.

And here's me with some of the Geek Mash crew:

L-R: Neil, Casey, Phil, Brad, Me, Ross.
Also, check out all of the brilliant gaming cosplays I took photos of:

If you recognise yourself, feel free to share this blog! You can also tag yourselves in the pictures over on the Geek Mash Facebook.

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