Monday, 9 May 2016

Replaying The Wolf Among Us

So, I'm making my way through my PS4 backlog as of late. Amongst my "pile of shame" was the Telltale Games bundle that I picked up cheap in a PSN sale. Whilst I had already played each of the games previously on my Xbox 360, I wanted the chance to play them again on a newer system...especially as sequels and the like were planned.

As I wanted to get my choices saved on my PS4, I've been working through that bundle as of late (The Walking Dead 1 & 2, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us). I've finished the rest, and now I'm replaying The Wolf Among Us!

I love Fables anyway, and a detective/murder mystery style game always intrigues me (I think that's why I took an unpopular opinion at the time and loved L.A. Noire), so I knew I was going to enjoy The Wolf Among Us.

The second time around, I've tried to direct Bigby down a different path. Last time, Fabletown's Sheriff was offish and aggressive in my playthrough. This time? I've made him compassionate, caring but with that slight hint of a temper, as he is a wolf afterall...

I also love the neon colour scheme which fits in well with the overall seediness of a run-down New York. Check out a screenshot I took yesterday whilst playing episode 2:

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