Tuesday, 1 November 2016

How To Make a Minnie Mouse Cosplay

On the 29th of October 2016, I cosplayed as Minnie Mouse for the London MCM Comic Con. I don't cosplay often, mainly because it takes up a considerable amount of time and money to get a costume sorted, but this time around I thought I'd get something ready! 

Join me as I talk you through my quick and easy Minnie Mouse cosplay.

The Dress
Minnie's dress most closely resembles the shape of a 1950s vintage-style dress. Being a lover of 50s dresses myself, it was the perfect opportunity to buy myself a new one! 

A quick search on Google brings up plenty of red and white polka dot dresses, but I settled on this Hell Bunny version, courtesy of Tiger Milly. This sleeveless design zips up with an invisible zip at the back and has a circle skirt to create a full, yet flattering look. Despite there being plenty of "sexy Minnie Mouse" costumes available around Halloween time, I wanted to give her a much more tasteful look. The neckline doesn't reveal too much, and the skirt is long enough. It's dainty, elegant and very vintage!

The Petticoat
For those of you who haven't bought a petticoat before, be warned...it's easy to choose one that is either too full or not full enough. My word of advice is to choose a petticoat made by the designer of the dress you've chosen. My white petticoat was also by Hell Bunny, and was similar to this one

Most circle dresses are around 23-25" in length, so you need to choose a petticoat around this length. Always measure the length of your skirt though before you pick one up. The last thing you want is a petticoat that hangs much lower than the skirt.

The Shoes
Minnie Mouse actually wears yellow heeled shoes, but I have trouble with my ankles, so I can't actually walk in heels. I opted for a pretty patent yellow ballet pump pair from New Look (sadly, I can't link to these now, as they don't appear to be sold there anymore). 

Take a look around shoe shops. Yellow is a summery colour, and if you're looking around the Spring-Summer months, you'll have more luck. 

The Cardigan
I wanted to recreated Minnie's black arms without having a layer underneath the dress. MCM gets rather hot, and if need be, I can slip off a cardigan much easier than getting someone to unzip me (you can't really get into a 50s dress alone!) to take a layer off. I picked up a cardigan for £7 in Primark in black, which complimented the dress.

The Accessories

Whilst Minnie doesn't have a bag in particular, I knew I needed one to carry around my essentials during MCM Comic Con. I opted for this cute Mickey Mouse crossbody at Primark, for £10:

You can grab Minnie Mouse ears everywhere! They vary in price, depending on how big and detailed they are. I grabbed a cheap pair off of Amazon for £2, which on a Prime delivery, arrived the next day! 

This was an easy one. I had the choice of picking up some larger Minnie-Mouse style gloves, but I knew that as I was Press that weekend, I'll need to keep taking them off to take photos, etc. I opted for a thinner pair of gloves that were easier to slip on and off when I needed to. I picked up a thinner pair of white gloves in Primark, but you can easily scour the internet (eBay is good for things like that).

Easy peasy! Just grab a black pair of tights to copy Minnie's legs. It's also essential for when you're cosplaying in the chillier months...like I did.

Nose - The black Minnie Mouse nose was created by painting a small black triangle shape at the very end of my nose with black facepaint. To even out the colour, I popped a dab of black liquid eyeliner over the top in any areas that needed evening up. Tip: apply with an eyeshadow brush, not a facepaint sponge. You need something that is small enough to create the shape, but also allows you to apply enough pressure needed to make the nose truly stand out. 

It's very easy to forget that you're wearing stuff on your nose (I scratched my nose twice during the day...oops), so be sure to pack some spare makeup and makeup wipes for any reapplications! 

Eyes - I drew a line of black liquid eyeliner across my eyelid, and a black pencil eyeliner across the lower eye. I then added a layer of bright pink eyeshadow to the top eye, and touched up the liquid eyeliner so it showed through over the top, for a more smokey look. An application of extra-length mascara to the top and bottom eyelashes finished it up.

Cheeks - I'm naturally pretty pale, so I added a some higher colour powder, covered up any odd marks with concealer and finished it off with a dusting of pink blusher across my cheeks.

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