Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I Tested Out the Arcade PICO Pocket Drone

You probably would have noticed by now that I love to play around with a gadget or two (I've featured plenty on 8-Bit Girl in the past). The latest, courtesy of was one I was looking forward to trying out. Step forward the PICO Drone, by Arcade. 

Priced at £24.99, this is one of the smallest drones currently available on the market. Drones were one of last Christmas's most-requested pieces of tech, but there's no denying that they're a bit expensive. This option might not have all the bells and whistles available in the larger models, but it promised some flying fun, in miniature form. So how good is this, exactly? I've been playing with this for the past few days, so join me as I share the pro's and con's of this little gadget.


  • Miniature sized.
  • Buttons for flipping and rolling, controlling the direction, and the height.
  • Flashing multi-coloured LED light-up function, perfect for night flights.
  • The controller doubles up as a carry case for the drone.
  • USB chargeable in 30 minutes.
  • Gyro stabilised.
  • 3 speed modes.

It all looks pretty impressive, but it does take a while to adjust to the controls. The PICO is also a little temperamental too. For the most part, I couldn't get it to take off, and instead, it liked to do a few spins and flips on the floor. However, once you get used to the controls, it does become a lot less frustrating, and a lot more fun. It's a shame that the controls aren't always that easy to navigate, and the drone does appear to have a mind of it's own at times (it didn't appear to be 100% responsive). If you can put aside these frustrating elements, it's a really cool little drone. The multi-coloured LED lights look impressive when the drone is flying about in the dark. 

Tip: Trim the blades if your drone appears to be leading to one side. This does manage to balance it out somewhat!

The drone lasts for 5 minutes at a time, before needing a charge (which typically lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 50, depending on how often you've been using it). A USB charger is included in the box, which attaches to the drone itself. I suppose it's because of the size, but it's a shame that the charge time seems a little long when compared with the length of playtime you are able to get between charges.

One cool aspect is that the drone sits neatly inside of the controller (which takes two AA batteries, by the way). As this would be ideal for a stocking filler, it allows the user to carry around the two parts safely and securely in one. The drone easily clips out of the case when you're ready to give it a fly, whilst the joystick buttons also clip out of this to rest in place on both of the front analog controllers. 

Whilst I wasn't that successful at getting this little drone airborne for very long, I did have quite a  bit of fun testing it out. Both my cats, Jessie and Percy were totally interested in it, too. Check it out below:

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