Sunday, 30 July 2017

Pocket Mortys!

OK, I'm late to the party, but I finally started watching Rick and Morty this week! So far, I'm finding it to be a pretty hilarious, smart, sharp and witty cartoon. I soon discovered that Rick and Morty have a free-to-play mobile game, 'Pocket Mortys', which I've been playing this week as well as checking out the show. Again...late to the party. This was released back in January, 2016! But, better late than never, right?

The name essentially gives it away - Pocket Mortys is the show's take on Pokemon. Developed by Big Pixel Studios and published by Adult Swim Games, it's set in the 'Rickstarverse', where the sole aim is to beat fellow players (both NPC's and fellow real-life competitors) to collect various versions of Morty's that exist in multiple universes. This is where the game is pretty addictive, just like Pokemon before it.

Set in a top-down perspective, your Rick and party of Morty's take a trip through the portal to stumble across fellow Morty-hunters. Win the battle to collect XP to strengthen your party. Find wild Morty's in the environment alone, and you'll have a chance of battling and catching them. Sound familiar? Yeah, the game is littered with Pokemon references, and it's not shy about it either...

 The humour is typically Rick and Morty-esque, and the various versions of Morty's range from mildly humorous to pretty damn funny. There's two modes - Campaign and Multiplayer. Campaign puts you up against computer components, and you're able to ride it solo, whilst Multiplayer pits you against online players. I've actually preferred playing the Campaign more, although admittedly, I still need to give Multiplayer some love.

The game offers a central stops section, for healing, buying items, crafting, spending money on in-app purchases (the Gachi ball machines offer special items and abilities, for example), and also, the Morty Day Care, where you can drop off Morty's that aren't in your party. Here, you can combine two of the same Morty's to 'breed' a new one.

If you haven't checked this out already, give it a go! It's free to play, and unlike a lot of the free games with in-app purchases, this works perfectly fine without the need to spend any hard-earned cash on in-game bits and pieces.

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