Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween - Video Games You're Playing!

It's the spookiest time of the year - Halloween!

Whilst I myself am working a late shift today and won't be around much to endulge in any Halloween-themed activities, plenty of you have told me what games you're planning on playing for the occasion. 

If I wasn't working though, I'd be diving back into Left 4 Dead, checking out some of the on-the-rails shooters the Wii had (Umbrella Chronicles, House of the Dead), and playing through one of the Resident Evil games again. Oh, and let's not forget the Halloween event in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Here's just some of your comments when I asked you all what you're planning to play! How many of these do you agree with?

Bradley Fish:
"I love going back to Banjo Kazooie with the Mad Monster Mansion level, 
plus Mumbo turns you into a pumpkin!"

Jim Reaper: 
"I want to play Until Dawn again. Also Night in the Woods."

Deakin Brook:
"I was thinking of loading up Left 4 Dead. If I had my Playstation here I'd 
probably put on Dead Rising and mess with some zombies."

Shane Battams:
"Last year I played Alien Isolation. This year will either be Silent Hill 2 or 3 :)"

Nathaniel Castle:
"This year I will be plunging back into RES7 in VR"

Casey Wingate:
"Resident Evil 2...a classic."

Ross Atkinson:
"F.E.A.R, Left 4 Dead, Walking Dead Telltale series"

Sam Webster:
"Resident Evil 2, House of the Dead 2, Galerians, Dead Rising, Jersey Devil, Silent Hill 2"

Ryann Savoy:
"Fran Bow is my indie choice. Who knew gore could be charming? 💉💀"

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic time. 

I'll leave you with this...not gaming related, but it's appropriate!

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