Friday, 27 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 10 - Universal Studios

Our third theme park day of our break commenced on day 10; as we paid a visit to Universal Studios in Osaka! Compared to the queues at Disneyland, Universal was on the whole a lot less crazy. We paid a little extra for early entry tickets, and rushed straight to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which both of us loved! I make no secret of being a Harry Potter fan, and myself and Casey not only had a Potter engagement (he proposed at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios), but we also incorporated it into our wedding, too.

This was my favourite section of the park. I loved how Diagon Alley had been reconstructed, including several themed shops, places to try Butterbeer and pumpkin juice. We watched Ollivander's wand-choosing show, where my husband ended up being chosen as the one to pick a wand. We picked up one of the 'magic wands' after the show ended, to try out the various magical points around this section of the park. 

The 4D Harry Potter ride gave me motion sickness by the end, but it was fantastic. You genuinely feel like you were moving! The brief but sweet Hippogriff rollercoaster was also worth a spin on.

After we'd got what we knew would be the busiest section of the park under our belts, we headed to Jurassic Park: The Ride. I was placed on the front left of the boat, and got absolutely drenched from head to toe. This was my first ever time at a Universal theme park, and although I found the initial drop after seeing the T-Rex terrifying (I'm not the best with handling those stomach lurching drops in rides!), the ride in general was brilliant. We also tried out Jurassic Park's 'Flying Dinosaur' ride, which absolutely terrified me. You're strapped in and turned so you're facing the ground, and the ride includes several sudden drops, twists, and turns. Like I said...I'm a wuss.

We experienced two more 4D rides, Terminator, and the Sesame Street one. Both were cool! Universal seemed to be a place for live shows, and as it was Halloween Horror Night there, we tried out two mazes - Dead Man's Forest, and Chucky. Both were a mixture of humour and jump scares, which was great fun. 

I also took the opportunity to drag my husband on the most Japanese, cutesy Hello Kitty photoshoot, which we purchased the photos for after. He was so embarrassed to be doing it, but I thought it was brilliant!

Overall, Universal Studios was a great park to visit. There were plenty of rides which for the most part had smallish queues, we browsed the gift shops, and took a bunch of photos. 

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