Sunday, 29 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 12 - Imperial Palace, and Shibuya

Our time in Kyoto was brief, we paid a flying visit to spend a day there yesterday, so day 12 was spent getting the bullet train back to Tokyo. 

I loved our traditional Japanese flat we stayed in the night before. Sleeping on flat rollout beds on the floor actually gave me such a good nights sleep, which I was surprised by. I'm a girl with a memory foam mattress at home, so I guess I just expected it was going to be a little too solid. We also enjoyed playing on the Nes in that room!

Once we'd got off the bullet train in Tokyo, we took a train back to Shinjuku to drop our stuff back at the flat we had there. By this point, we were drawing near the end of our trip, and had crammed so much into the previous days that we decided to have a more chilled, slower paced day today.

We decided to pay a visit to the Imperial Palace, which sadly isn't open for visitors, but we managed to snap a few photos of it from the outside. It was a cold, rainy day, so we didn't spend too much time hanging around outside of the palace - we really wanted to escape from the rain for a little bit. 

So, we got the nearest train into Shibuya to wander around there again. Today, it was much busier than when we visited it before. We walked across the scramble crossing, and this time you could really see just how many people use it. Last time, although busy, it wasn't half as manic as I expected it to be. 

We also visited the Hachiko statue, popped into the Disney Store, looked around the general area, and checked out the arcades. 

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