Monday, 30 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 13 - Last Day!

Today was our last day in Japan! Whilst we were sad to come home, it's been a fantastic trip. We managed to cram an awful lot into just under 2 weeks, so we knew we were going home satisfied that we made the most of it. 

As we spent a chunk of the day packing up our belongings ready for our 4am wake up, we didn't spend the whole day on the go this time. The weather was miserable, so we tried to dive into shops and arcades as much as we could. 

Today, we used a lot of our spare loose change up in the arcades. On our first tries in one arcade, my husband won a Charmander teddy, I won a Tinkerbell figure, and a dinosaur toy for one of my friends! The luck didn't continue after that, unfortunately. During this time, we got the chance to try out The Walking Dead's arcade game. This on-the-rails shooter gives you a crossbow controller, to shoot endless zombies in the head as you traverse through one of the featured levels. We tried the prison escape one, and it was a lot of fun! 

After spending ages trying out games and claw machines in arcades around Shinjuku, we walked to the Final Fantasy Artnia cafe. We didn't eat here - we'd done two theme cafes now, and we just wanted to grab some ramen somewhere else, but we headed in to check out the gift shop. Here, I picked up a Dragon Quest slime plush, and a Slime trinket box which I have now stored my earrings in. This shop also includes a special exhibition section, which at the time we visited was displaying concept art for Kingdom Hearts. I'm not sure how often this changes, but if you're local to the area, it might be worth popping back every so often to check this out!

After this, we grabbed some food - sweet and sour pork, rice, tofu, and my last highball of the trip, then we headed back early to get to bed, ready for that huge 12 and a half hour flight. 

In reflection, I loved my time in Japan! 

Things I liked/will miss:

  • The trains are super-efficient and clean here. We didn't experience one delay, or train fault the entire trip. England's trains are very very poor in comparison.
  • There's barely any bins anywhere on the streets, but surprisingly, the streets always appeared to be spotless!
  • People in general were really polite, welcoming and helpful. I wish more people back home were like this.
  • The food is amazing. From the steamed pork dumplings I kept getting in the morning at Family Mart, street food, to the variety of dishes we had at lunch and dinner, food just isn't going to be the same now I'm home! Honestly, it was delicious. 
  • Drink is equally as good. I loved their plum wine, sake, and whisky highballs. 
  • Geekdom is the norm, here, and everyone seems to be really accepted for their interests. There's anime and geek shops everywhere you turn, and adults will happily pay a couple of hundred yen to pick up toys in gaschapon machines.
Sayonara, Japan! I'll be back someday. 

So, this was the final blog! 
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