Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 2 - Harajuku, Shibuya

Our first full day in Japan! We decided to travel out of Shinjuku to explore the quirky shopping district of Harajuku, and the busy city-life of Shibuya. 

We arrived at Harajuku first, and I loved it. There's quite a cool vibe there. People don't seem to care what anyone thinks of their appearance, and there was a total blend of culture, style and people. I loved that you could totally wander down this district without the feeling of being judged. We visited the Harajuku Owl Forest, one of the many themed cafes available in Japan. I love owls, and this is my first true experience of being up close and personal with so many breeds. The trick was to gently stroke them with the back of your hand, to avoid getting a nip with their sharp beaks. I found them beautiful, silky soft creatures, and enjoyed that 30 minutes we had in there.

I couldn't leave Harajuku without experiencing a crepe (they're pretty popular here). We bought the Halloween special, which was pumpkin pie and cream rolled into a pretty sizeable crepe. Delicious! Throughout our visit, it was clear that Japan love Halloween, and we saw pretty much every store embrace it in Harajuku.

Also in Harajuku, we visited this huge multi-level toy shop called 'Kiddyland'. I picked up some Hello Kitty figures and a Hello Kitty hairband. There was so much to look at in this store, so we spent ages in there! I also bought an embroidered silk bomber jacket in pink and black, which featured a Koi carp and cherry blossoms. It's pretty and so detailed - check Day 3's blog for photos with my bomber jacket on!

After leaving Harajuku, we headed to Ikebukuro, a geeky shopping district, and the Pokemon Centre. My husband bought a fair amount of Pokemon merch from there (he loves it), and we spent a fair amount of time wandering around. Like all the Pokemon Centres we checked out on our trip, this one was incredibly busy. 

It was here that we happened to catch a girlband performing their latest single in the shopping centre, too. 

From here, we visited Shibuya, to check out the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing. It was really hectic crossing that, as there's people walking in all directions at the same time. Shibuya is a another popular fashion district. I found it difficult finding clothes that fit me here though. As a 5ft10' woman in Japan, I was pretty above the average height of a Japanese woman. This meant that clothes just weren't long enough for me! However, I did manage to visit the Shibuya Disney Store, 3-floors high, and well decorated. I managed to pick up a few bits in their sale.

After taking the subway all over the place and walking all day, we stopped by Lawsons on the way home, and picked up a huge feast of sushi for dinner. Seriously, their convenience shops have some delicious food!

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